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 The POPI Act

True ID is very aware of the POPI Act what it stands for , what it does and its implications for True ID, its clients and the Individual.
True ID will always require that consent be obtained from the Indiviudal and as such provisions for this has been made on the True ID application.
True ID will also require the reason for the verification to be completed and again provision for this has been made on the True ID application.
True ID will save completed verification reports to its database, the reason being simply to protect our clients and the Individual and to have records on file should there in future be any legal that may arise.

What is the current standing of the POPI Act

As at  the 12th of August 2015, the act in its entirety has been drafted and signed into law in November 2013, however there have only been certain sections of the act that have been proclomated into law as at 11 April 2014 and these are the following:
Section 1, which contains the definitions and sets out the purpose of POPI
Part A of Chapter 5(Sections 39 to 54) which provides for the establishment of the Information Regulator, which is the body tasked with monitoring compliance with, and enforcement of, the provisions of POPI: and
Sections 112 and 113 which provide for the making of regulations.
Once the regulator has been appointed which has not yet been done and the regulator is in place, the remaining sections will be enacted therafter we will all have 12 months to comply. There are also however provisions that have been made for a potential extension to this 12 month period.
There is currently no legislative protection for the Individual under the POPI act, True ID however will from commencement enforce the law as it has been written within the POPI act so as to protect all parties concerned.
Download the POPI Act Here