True I.D.

A South African Identity Verification Solution.


                                                                                                            How to download the True I.D. App:
What is required in order to download this application:
Android Powered Smart Phone
Google Account
Google Play Store
How to Create a Google Account in order to download from Google Play Store:
Please note if you have a gmail account then you already have a Google account.
How to create a Google account:
Go to
Locate and click on the sign in button on the top right-hand corner of the page.
Click on Create an account.
The signup form will appear.
Follow the instructions and enter the required information such as Name, Surname, Date of Birth and Gender.
Read through the Terms or Service and Privacy Policy by clicking on them.
Once you have read through it, tick the box by clicking on the tick box and then click on Next Step.
The Create your Profile page will appear. If you would like to add a photo of yourself then click on Add a photo, if you don’t want to add a photo at this time then click Next Step.
Your account will now be created and a welcome page will appear.
How to get Google Play Store:
Google Play Store usually comes standard with any Android Powered Smart Phone, just simply
go to the main menu of your phone and look for an icon that looks like the following:
If that icon does not appear anywhere on your mobile phone, you will need to download
Google Play Store off the Internet, however all Android phones should have Play store pre-installed.
How to download the True I.D. application via  the Google Play Store:
Go to
Locate the round red button that says “Download”, once you have located this button, click on it.
A block will pop up saying “Complete action using”, click on “Play Store” and then click on “Just Once”.
This will take you to the Google Play Store, find a button that says “Install” and click on it.
Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on “Accept” at the bottom of the block.
Wait for the app to download and then open the app once it is done downloading.