True I.D.

A South African Identity Verification Solution.

True ID App

A Mobile Application

How to download and Install True ID

Why Identity Verification and Management?

The upsurge of Identity theft and fraudulent identity documents being able to be purchased for as little as R3000.00 on the black market in South Africa has created the real need for numerous industries and businesses to ensure that a consumer/Individual is in fact who they say they are, from banks to retailers frankly even to cellphone companies and medical aids. The list of companies that require the True I.D. smartphone solution is endless.

What is True I.D.

True I.D. is a mobile application that can be used on demand in the field and in the office by V-Report clients to Identify an Individual using fingerprint biometric technology.  True ID also has its own True AFIS fingerprint database which will enroll and match fingerprints/templates on  1:1 basis.
Results received in real time from the South African Department of Home Affairs  against the HANIS database will be a fingerprint match or no match, biographical information and the ID photograph on file.

Who can use True I.D.

True I.D. can be used by risk division clients of V-Report. All clients will need to be vetted and approved for the use of this application. V-Report believes that this application will have tremendous benefit in terms of its use and functionality for many Industries, banking, Insurance, healthcare and cellular in terms of fraud protection and prevention.

What doesTrue I.D. do.

True I.D. is an on demand in the field application to confirm the Identity of an Individual.  No boundaries and no time delays. Results on your phone and in your inbox in less than  90 seconds. By making use of the Individuals personal Information with consent,a photograph and fingerprint/s are taken using a smartphone, True I.D. is then able to in real time obtain fingerprint, biographical and ID photograph information as well as the Issue date of the Individual from the department of home affairs. True I.D  will then will be taking a photograph of the of the Individuals ID Document for reference purposes. 
Made in South Africa